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05-07-2017 | Russia | Corporate News

Mobility for metropolises: Bosch’s future lies in the smart city

Bosch Mobility Experience 2017 – #BoschME Technological solutions for better quality of life in cities Bosch vision ... more

05-07-2017 | Russia | Corporate News

Bosch solutions for urban mobility

From sharing to parking: solutions for stress-free mobility From ABS to robocab: solutions for accident-free mobility From ... more

19-06-2017 | Russia | Corporate News

Key technology for the internet of things: Bosch to set up new semiconductor fab in Dresden, Germany

Billion-euro investment in 12-inch technology Total investment in the new fab, which will employ up to 700 associates, to ... more

07-06-2017 | Russia | Corporate News

Annual press conference 2017 in Moscow

Bosch sees signs of growth in CIS region Regional sales in 2016 exceeded 1.2 billion euros Mobility Solutions plant in Samara ... more

30-05-2017 | Russia | Corporate News

“Just driving” was yesterday – the personal assistant is tomorrow

Bosch’s new show car shows how quickly the future of driving is becoming a reality Connected, automated, and personalized: ... more

29-05-2017 | Russia | Corporate News

With its partner CRCI, ZMJ plans to acquire Robert Bosch Starter Motors Generators Holding GmbH

ZMJ is a major automotive supplier in the field of starter motors and generators. All the just under 7,000 associates and ... more

15-05-2017 | Russia | Corporate News


11-05-2017 | Russia | Corporate News

Bosch Company was recognized the best brand 2017 in six categories

Bosch production was named the best in six nominations Record number of participants in reader voting Authoritative German ... more

04-05-2017 | Russia | Corporate News

Good start to the year: Bosch improves sales in all business sectors and regions

New conceptions of mobility, new perceptions of technology First-quarter sales in 2017 up 12 percent Target sales growth ... more

20-04-2017 | Russia | Corporate News


13-04-2017 | Russia | Corporate News

Bosch and Daimler are working together on fully automated, driverless system

Development alliance aims to make market launch of a system for fully automated, driverless vehicles possible by the start ... more

17-03-2017 | Russia | Corporate News

Artificial intelligence: Bosch teaches cars how to learn and take appropriate action

Bosch CEO Denner: “Automated driving makes roads safer. Artificial intelligence is the key to that. We’re making ... more

06-03-2017 | Russia | Corporate News

Mobile World Congress 2017: Bosch shows smart IoT solutions in Barcelona

Connectivity is turning the car into a third living space, Bosch’s sensor technology enables connectivity beyond mobility ... more

08-02-2017 | Russia | Corporate News

Bosch: shaping the transformation of the powertrain

New division pools expertise Electromobility is an area of future importance Combustion engine remains important part of ... more

07-02-2017 | Russia | Corporate News

Bringing electrification to the masses

Bosch’s technology solutions are electrifying the powertrains of tomorrow Leading global supplier to highlight electrification ... more